Good Reads: Top 5 Books About Animals

These are several book that are entertaining and informational for all.

1.) Be The Pack Leader by Cesar Millan

  • Describes how to train and take command over your dog but still able to have fun and play. They way this reads is much like reading a book about raising a child.

2.) Archipelago by David Liittschwage and Susan Middleton

  • This book is filled with beautiful pictures of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. It has both land and sea animals so you get to see an array of fauna.

3.) DogTown by Stefan Bechtel

  • “DogTown is the nation’s largest animal sanctuary run by the Best Friends Animal Society, a national rescue organization with more than 200,000 members. This informative, inspiring book tells the stories of dogs considered unadoptable by other shelters.” -National Geographic Overview

4.) Tales of the Weird edited by David Braun

  • It’s a Hodge-podge of weird and unbelievable tales human and animal alike.

5.) Oceans

  • Oceans is the official companion volume to the challenging, breathtakingly beautiful documentary of the same name, created by Jacques Perrin and a crack team of scientists, cinematographers, divers, and technical specialists.” – National Geographic Overview

Answer to Fun Fact!:

C.) Moose

Moose have unbelievably good hearing to even whispering can be dangerous.

Fun Fact!: What is a group of Owls called?

A.) Government

B.) Congress

C.) Gaggle

D.) Parliament

Find out in the next blog!

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