Bear Hunting Regulations

This is something I have a STRONG opinion on. I believe bear hunting should have much more regulations than it does now. Granted I know there are a lot of regulations as there is but there are loop holes that hunters extort. These are my proposed regulations.

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1.)  Limit of four hunters per group.

  • The reason I say this is because if you get a gaggle of men and women out there hunting together it is a slaughter not a hunt.

2.) Two dogs per person

  • It is unnecessary for one person to have more than two dogs. I under stand the danger for the dogs but if one small beagle can scare a 300+ lbs bear up a tree then 6 and 7 large dogs is grossly to many. Plus going back to the first regulation if there are 10 or 15 guys with that many dogs apiece…. on one bear? That is very unfair.

3.) When upon killing a bear all parts have to be used or donated to the Park Rangers.

  • This is another problem that I keep seeing in my home town. Guys go out and hunt down as many bears that they are allowed and use little to no meat from their kills and leave the carcass to rot. However, there are many people that don’t but it is still a problem.

4.) If caught sitting in a car, baiting the animal, or spot lighting them to shoot them they should be fine a considerable amount.

  • This again happens way WAY too often in my home town. People leave bait out on their property to bring all kinds of animals in and make them comfortable with eating on the property and then they get slaughtered by the people baiting them. Some hunters use the trick of sitting in their car and waiting for the animal to come into view and blasting them. This is wrong. The purpose of hunting is to go out and hunt down the animal not sit in your car and wait for it to come strolling by. Spot lighting the animal is another thing that I have seen people do. Hunters blind the animal with the light and this makes them freeze long enough for the hunter to shoot them. This is more of a problem with deer than bear but I have seen it done on both.

5.) Every other year hunting.

  • By hunting every other year it helps get the bear population to a healthy size, weight, and number. And by waiting, hunters can thin the population at an even rate instead of killing them off every year to dangerously low number.

Answer to Fun Fact!:

B.) False

Fun Fact!: Denmark has ______ as many pigs as there are people.

A.) Three times

B.) Twice

B.) Six times

Find out in the next blog!

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