Dog Care

Basic Dog Care:

  • Food: Most dog food is good but some have more of the nutrients dogs and puppies require. These are two of the best on the market.
  • Exercise: Some breed require more exercise than others but all dogs require exercise. So get out there are play, run, jog, hike, whatever you feel like doing they will be willing to do. By exercising it keeps arthritis down and joints loose. It also keeps them at a health weight.
  • Training: Training your dog is a good way to keep they for misbehaving and doing thing you don’t like them to do. Everyone should train their dogs! And if you don’t have time talk them to a trainer, you will not regret it!
  • Socialization: Make sure you socialize your dog with other dogs, cats, humans, etc. whatever you are going to have your dog around socialize them early so they are not aggressive or nervous in the situation. Socialization is very important with bully breeds and other aggressive breeds.

Answer to Fun Fact!:

B.) Polar Bear

Fun Fact!: What percent of pet owners let their pet sleep with them?

A.) 100%

B.) 54%

C.) 79%

Find out answer in next blog!

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