Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish

Salt Water:

  • Sperm Whale

    • These animals are carnivores they are 49-59 feet long and weight 35-45 tons! And they are not friendly! They can and will eat you.
  • Man-O-War



    • The Most dangerous jelly fish on the planet one sting from the smallest jelly can kill you almost instantly.
  • Orac “Killer Whale”

    • It does not get this name lightly. They are notorious for killing in packs. They have been known to kill humans but it is rare. But if you are in the water around them beware they are not Willy!
  • Stonefish

    • If you step on this fish… unless you seek medical attention immediately it can cause death. They are very dangerous so if you swim in Indo-Pacific waters or off the coast of Florida watch out for these living rocks.
  • Bull Shark

    • These are by far the scariest fish I have covered yet. This species of shark is one of two species that can go from salt water to fresh water and live successfully but fresh water has to lead to some form of salt water. They are many reported cases of attacks by bull sharks every year.

Fresh Water:

  • Alligator Gar

    • Much like the Bull Shark these fish can go from salt water to fresh water and live. These fish look like alligators and bite like them too.
  • Snakehead

    • These are an evasive species that eat and kill other animals in their habitat. There have been many attempts to rid infected ecosystems but they are very hard to get rid of.
  • Pike


    • This fish in the U.S. is most common in Michigan. They have very strong jaws and bite extreme hard. They are known to attack humans but only when humans enter their breeding grounds or territory.
  • Tiger Fish

    • By far the fish that scares me the most. They have anticoagulants in their saliva to insure their prey bleeds to death. and not only do they have crazy spit they attack until the prey is dead and they have been known to do this to humans. They live in the Amazon so we don’t have to worry about them luckily.
  • Candiru “Penis Fish”

    • This fish gets its name because they are attracted to urine. And what do you think the first thing someone who has to pee when their swimming in the Amazon? PEE IN THE WATER!. And smelling the urine the Candiru swims up the urethra and lodges itself in there. Why is this so bad? Because the Candiru has bards that release and when you try and pull them out it rips out like a fish hook. Fun stuff huh?

Sorry this didn’t come earlier!

Answer to Fun Fact!:

A.) True

Fun Fact!: What is the largest land predator?

A.) Grizzly Bear

B.) Polar Bear

C.) Honey Bear

Answer in next blog!

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