Why You Shouldn’t Get Muscovy Ducks

Ok this is more of a fluff piece but I hope you enjoy this.

Why You Shouldn’t Get a Muscovy Ducks!

These ducks are from the devil. I had a male and a female. The female was sweet as can be but the male…. well if there was a word to describe that duck it was EVIL! Even the female hated him. She would fly onto the roof to get away from him (he couldn’t fly because he was to fat which was hilarious). He also used to try and rape her. I know that birds breed aggressively but he took it to the extreme. Also he tried to attack everything that came into the yard. He was the devil. But there was perks, everyone we didn’t liked that stepped into the yard got attacked so they didn’t come around that often.

Another perk was that every time he tried to fly he’d run into things. There was one time when he done the cartoon run into a windshield and slide down. At first we thought he’d killed himself he hit it so hard but he started moving and I laughed until I cried. He also didn’t quack he hacked. No I’m seriously… make a hacking noise and that was it. But ss much as I hated that duck, I miss him and wouldn’t have traded him for the world because despite it all I could actually pick him up and play with him. He was mean yes, but it was a love/hate relationship with him.

I would suggest that if you are going to get a Muscovy duck socialize it early and make sure its friendly or you will end up with a devil duck.

Piebald drake

Piebald drake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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