Wild Life: Keeping It Safe

Tips to keep the wild life around your home safe.

  • Don’t Leave Food Out Where Animals Care Get It.
    • This can lead to the animals hanging around and eating things that can make them sick. And by them hanging around it can cause conflict with humans.
  • Make Sure to Put Trash Cans Where Animals Can’t Get In Them Or Insure Lid Can’t Be Removed When Outside.
    • No only will this lead to a mess but it will cause the animals to get use to feeding there and they will come back looking for food and will cause conflict with humans.
  • Don’t Make Fires and Leave Them.
    • This can cause wild fires and destroy the natural habitat and homes of animals and humans alike.
  • Don’t Litter and Pick It Up If You See It.
    • This can kill animals.
  • Don’t Feed The Wild Life.
    • By far this is the most dangerous thing to do because if you feed wild animals they will get used to getting food that isn’t good for the animals and it makes them comfortable with human presence of humans. This can and will get them killed!!! Because they are comfortable with humans they don’t see us as the threat we are and this leads to danger for us and them. Because no matter how friendly they may seem… they are still WILD animals.
  • When Using Poison or Pesticides Make Sure They Are Not Harmful To Other Wildlife Than The Intended Target
    • It kills off local wild life and it puts a kink in the ecosystem which can lead to bigger problems.

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Answer to Fun Fact!:

B.) Twice

There are two times more pigs than people!

Fun Fact!: A duck’s quack doesn’t echo.

A.) True

B.) False

Find out in the next blog!


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