The Joy of Two

Sorry it has take me so long to post some stuff! But I had to head back to work and take care of the most recent addition to my little family, SAMMY-JOE! Oh the joys of having a new chewy puppy in the house.

230656_10151223360595994_1380927618_n She’s the second Pit-bull mix I have owned. Bosco couldn’t be happier. He has had a ball since we got her and he is way more active, which is great for a 5-year-old American Bulldog/Pit mix. Sammy is about three months old and I hope she gets pretty big. House training has become a nightmare since the snow storm two weeks ago and the ice storm last week. She still thinks it’s cold outside… Oh Sammy. But I would have to say it is a lot easier to house train a puppy if you have an older dog to show them the ropes.
Same with tricks, even though Sammy is a fast learner, Bosco shows her what I mean when I say certain commands. She is picking it up very quickly for a three month old puppy.

Sammy, as you can tell, is a black/brindle color with some white blazes. What I believe her to be is a large breed Pit and Am Staff mix. As I have said in earlier blogs there is a difference in the two. I hoping she gets big but not as big as Bosco, who’s 98lbs, because she thinks she is a tiny lap dog.

When you have a Pit-bull/Pit-bull mix puppy I suggest that you purchase lots of rope toys, indestructible rubber toys, sock-fish*, sticks, and chewy treats. Another thing that keeps Sammy occupied is an old cat collar. She doesn’t chew on it a lot she just carries it around and barks/growls if Bosco tries to take it away.

Exercise, Exercise, EXERCISE! You want to get outside every morning and every evening with this breed. This is true of most breeds but this breed in particular because they have a drive to get out and do. If you don’t exercise this breed… you run the risk of getting awakened at 3 a.m. with a puppy bouncing on your head. (i.e. I had this happen to me the other day actually. I have puppy claw marks on my cheeks).

No matter what kind of dog you get these simple rules of thumb can help any owner out. Dogs are some the greatest companions a person could ask for, why not treat them that way?

I’ll have more stories to tell you about my wonderful dogs in later posts and maybe some more animal facts as well 😉 Keep reading to find out.

*a sock-fish is a toy made from the socks you can’t find mates to. So instead of throwing them away, tie them together and vuwahlah! You have a sock-fish.

Fun Fact Answer:

A.) True!

Chickens with red earlobes will produce brown eggs and a chicken with white earlobes will produce white eggs.

Fun Fact!:
What is the only mammal that can fly?

A.) Flying Squirrel

B.) Birds

C.) Bats

Find out the answer in my next post. 🙂


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