3 Mixed Breeds That Make Good Companions for Adults and Kids

**The best way to tell the temperament of your dog is to look up the two breeds that make it up and to look at the parents temperament.


Bo-Dach (Boston Terrier/Dachshund):

  • My Personal Experience:
    • Great temperment
    • Super Cute
    • Wide variety of colors
    • Loyal
    • Feisty
    • Active
  • Health:
    • Typically Boston’s have sinus problems but because they are mixed with the Dachshund they muzzle is longer so it eliminates the  sinus problems. Plus, because the Boston is taller than the Dachshund the legs on this mix won’t be as short so they have an easier time getting around. Other than any preexisting condition from birth, there aren’t any other health problems. Make sure you look at the parents though if you can so you can find out if there will be any problems with your dog. 🙂
  • Grooming:
    • They don’t shed too much. Brushing them once or twice every two weeks. Bathing can go about the same if they don’t roll in something nasty.
  • Exercise: This is a hyper dog but walking them two or three times a day should help. Also playing with them for an hour or so should help with the bounciness.


Labrabull (Labrador/Pit-Bull):

  • My Personal Experience:
    • Playful
    • Loyal
    • Drools (as you can see from the picture)
    • Goofy
    • Clumsy
    • Strong
    • Gentle
    • Great guard dogs
  • Health:
    • Because they are a mix of two large breeds, there is a possible chance of them getting Hip Dysplacia. As long as you give them the need vitamins and minerals when they are young it minimizes the chances of them getting it.
  • Grooming:
    • They will shed a lot. Even though they are shorter haired dogs they do shed. My Pit sheds a small Chihuahua every week. My friends Lab sheds at least two and a half small Chihuahuas every week. So by combining these two you get a lot of hair. Brushing is a must with this breed and I would suggest bathing as a regular too because they will be adventurous and get into things. Dirty, nasty, things.
  • Exercise:
    • They need quite a bit of exercise. The more the better because they have a lot of energy. Take them hiking, running, swimming, etc to let them run off the energy. If you have a large yard or one that’s fenced in, just throw a ball and let them go.

English: A puggle in Scotrun, PA

Puggle (Pugg/Beagle):

  • My Personal Experience:
    • Sweet
    • Loyal
    • Rambunctious
    • Funny
    • Energetic
  • Health:
    • Just like with the Do-Dach, the Puggle will not suffer from sinus problems like one of its parents. Like Bostons, Pugs are known to have sever sinus problems. Other than that there are no problems.
  • Grooming:
    • Brushing once every couple of weeks and bathing regularly such suffice.
  • Exercise:
    • Not a lot is needed to keep them happy walk them a couple times a day and they are good. Play with them for an hour or so and they are good to lay in your lap and snooze afterward.

Fun Fact Answer:

A bat is the only mammal that can fly.

Fun Fact!:

What was the first animal up in space?

A.) Dog

B.) Monkey

C.) Rat

Find out in the next blog!

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