When Sleeping at a House with Dogs

When you have a puppy at the house sleep comes rarely. They are pouncing on your head and making noises and chewing on things (your things) and worst of all, they have to go to the bath room twenty times in the middle of the night so they sit at the foot of your bed and whine until you let them out. But in the end it is so worth having them in the house.

The coolest part about sleeping in a house with dogs is watching them find a way to lay on top of you, beside you, and any other way to get close to you and sleep. My dog Bosco is the best at sneaking into the bed with me. He starts at the  bottom with his head on the foot and then slowly moves one of his paws onto the bed and then leaps onto the foot of the bed and pushes his body along mine until his head is on the pillow. Goofy dog I swear! Sammy on the other hand has just now realized that she is big enough now to jump onto the bed so she aims straight for the pillows and manages to end up laying on my head. :/

Well, that’s all. Until next time!

Fun Fact Answer:

A dog was the first animal into space. Imagine that.

Fun Fact!:

Wishbone in the TV series was actually two dogs. The main dog being used was a girl dog.

A.) True

B.) False

Find out in my next blog!


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