Paws on the Heart

After going to my local animal shelter I thought of all the ways that I would like to get the word out about all of these wonderful animals. Being a student at East Tennessee State University in the Integrated Marketing Communications program I always want to come up with creative ways to get the word out there. I would really like for them to do something on campus to raise awareness for the people who can adopt. There are many things they could do such as:

-Ramp up volunteers from campus

-Work on having staff driven social media outlets

-Make fliers for events they have

-Build awareness for the shelter

-Connect with the community

-Host events for animals (training sessions, dog wash, etc)
I love the animals and I want to see them have a wonderful life and so does the staff there but they don’t have a good public relations or media communications person to make it happen. I think this might be a good non profit project for the IMC college students to practice on. That way we can give back to the animals and have a resume builder. Plus, I think that this would give them a way to raise the money they need for the new animal shelter by raising awareness of the project and the animals.


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