6 Cool Pet Names

Is anyone else tired of the same old dog and cat names? Spike, Spot, Max, Kitty, Tiger, Misty, etc. Same old, same old boring names. Why not spice it up a bit with some interesting names?

Boy Names:

  • Barnabas
    • Origin: Germanic/Old English.
    • Meaning: This is a biblical name. It means “Son of the Prophet”
  • Conrad:
    • Origin: Old Germanic surname.
    • Meaning: It means “brave”, “bold ruler”, “counsel”, and “brave counsel”. The oldest recording of this name dates back to 1297.
  • Hartmut:
    • Origin: Ancient Germanic.
    • Meaning: It means “brave mind” and is derived from the Germanic elements hard “brave,hardy” and muat “mind and spirit”

Girl Names:

  • Heidi:
    • Origin: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and English.
    • Meaning: This name became popular after a writer named Johanna Spyrin used it in her children’s book.
  • Isolde:
    • Origin: English, Celtic Mythology and Germanic.
    • Meaning: Although this name has been traced back to many languages it is believed to be Gaelic in origin and could possibly mean “ice” and “battle”. It’s found in the Arthurian legend of Tristan and Isolde. Isolde was an Irish princess.
  • Ashling:
    • Origin: Irish
    • Meaning: It’s a derivative of Aisling meaning “dream” or “vision” in Irish Gaelic. It was created in the 20th century.

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