Home Remedies for Simple Pet Problems

Here are a few easy and inexpensive ways to keep your pets healthy for all year round. However, check with your veterinarian before administering anything to your animals to make sure it wont conflict with any medication they might be on or any allergies they might have.

Keep Fleas and Tick Away

Greyscale picture of Robert Hooke's drawing of...

  • Lemon Juice
    • Soak their collar in lemon juice over night. Then let air dry and put on them. You can find Lemon Juice at pretty much any store.
  • Garlic
    • This has to be ingested. Again you can find garlic pretty much anywhere.
  • Tea Tree Oil
    • You put the oil on their skin and let it soak in to get full effect. You can find it a Wal-Mart
  • Diatomaceous Earth
    • This put on the floor will kill fleas, tick, ants, cockroaches, and any other household pests. You can find this at the CO-OP or Tractor Supply. You can find it online as well.

Killing Fleas Without Having to Buy Expensive Shampoos

  • Dawn Dish Washing Liquid.
    • DO NOT get it with bleach in it. Original Dawn works the best. You can find it pretty much anywhere too.

Keeping Intestinal Parasites at Bay

20120511 - diatomaceous earth - 1 - IMG_4155

  • Diatomaceous Earth
    • If you put it in your pets water and food it will get rid of the parasites. This isn’t chemical based so it wont hurt them what so ever. You can find this a CO-OP or Tractor Supply. (picture to the right)

Ear Mite Treatments

  • Sweet Oil or Olive Oil
    • Simply take a dropper and put this in your dogs ears. This will kill the mites. This also works for ear infection for people. You can find olive oil and sweet oil at Wal-Mart

Minor Cuts

  • Bag Balm
    • This is a salve that much resembles Vaseline and is typically used on cows to keep their utter from cracking of when they do to heal the wounds. It works wonders, I actually used it on my dog when her got a major scrape on his side. It healed in a few days.


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